Happy new year.

So I look up the date and it is already January 3, 2013, a Thursday. Brilliantly clear again tonight with the winter constellations twinkling and morning temperatures sure to aline with the  past three days of 27 degrees. We had pipe busting lows of 23 and maybe lower (wasn’t here to measure) two days previous. Cold and clear. The prediction for the next ten or more days. We have had a lot of rain and are “above” normal for this point in year. Typical to get a span of clear dry weather.

So this early winter night I will attempt to upload images from this past season as we evolve here at Abbondanza.

This image shows me pulverizing quartz I found on my hillside and Betty’s. This was May 28th. Betty and I then went to help make 501 at Grgich Hills.




This group of pictures that follow show of Betty and me over at Grgich Hills with Philippe Coderey being our mentor. 





Next on May 30th we have Kolo the third….2012 was the third year in a row that we had a fox family keeping their babies in one of our sheds. Three years ago we named the male and female adults Kolo and Kola and they had five kits. Ever since we have had foxes each spring. This year’s mother looks a lot like the first year Kolo. We all get along and they are much better at catching gophers than any of my cats!




June 6th shows Betty harvesting Chamomile



The next sequence show me retrieving cow pat from the cowpat pit  based on Peter Proctor’s descriptions that we created on the compost pad.






THE BEES and their flowers and water were a focus all summer.




Our summer was hot and busy. Here a glimpse of the table at farmer’s market,  lavender beds being cleaned, and the harvest in the Blue Faerie Vineyard.