A note from Daniel D’Agostini – a brief history.

My father’s family settled here in 1911, where they farmed, ranched, and operated one of the oldest wineries in the state. When my father returned from his service in the South Pacific in 1945, he purchased this little piece of land from his father to create a home with his bride from Australia. Dad passed away in 2006 and two years later I retired early from teaching to move home and help my mother who was then in her mid-nineties. When mum passed away in late 2009, my sister and I became owners of the property and I was given the privilege to be the steward over land known and loved since my earliest memories.

Aside from the winery and vineyards Nonie and Pop, my paternal grandparents, farmed like most everyone in the early days of this valley with cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, orchards, big gardens. Here at our house we had a smattering of everything including 13 walnut trees.

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